Safety and Environment Management Plans

The Port Management Act 1995 (Vic) requires Ports Victoria to prepare and implement approved and audited Safety and Environment Management Plans (SEMPs) for the port waters of each of the commercial ports of Geelong, Melbourne and Hastings.

The SEMPs detail the approach taken to improving safety and environmental performance. The key activities addressed include those under Ports Victoria’s direct control and those on which it has influence only.

The SEMPs are approved by the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning, reviewed annually and supported by the Safety Management and Environment Management Systems. They are audited in accordance with the Port Management Act 1995 (Vic).

Read Ports Victoria’s Safety and Environment Management Plans for:

The commercial port managers are responsible for the SEMPs for the ports’ landside operations.

Terminal operators in the ports of Geelong and Hastings are also required to publish SEMPs: