About us

Ports Victoria

Ports Victoria is a Victorian Government statutory authority.

Our core role is to provide safe, fair and efficient access to Victoria’s commercial ports through the provision of marine navigation services.


Navigational and environmental safety

The maritime navigation and operational safety of Victoria’s commercial ports at Geelong, Hastings and Melbourne is Ports Victoria’s responsibility.

We manage around 3500 commercial vessel visits to Port Phillip and Western Port each year, keeping the port waters safe and protecting the marine environment through our 24/7 navigational safety services.

At the port of Portland, we have oversight of the same operations, which are carried out by the port operator.


Station Pier and cruise shipping

We manage Station Pier in Port Melbourne. The heritage-listed pier is home to Victoria’s biggest cruise shipping terminal. It hosts around 120 cruise ship visits each year as well as visiting navy and other vessels.


Victorian Ports System

We are a lead agency working to implement the Victorian Government’s Victorian Commercial Ports Strategy.

This includes providing technical advice to government on port development and maritime-related matters; developing licensing regimes for pilotage and towage services providers; and helping port managers with port development strategies.

Our work helps the state’s ports complement each other and work together to provide an efficient capacity and capability to accommodate Victoria’s rapidly expanding trading requirements.


Vision, Purpose and Values


A maritime centre of excellence.



Connecting our ports with the world.


  • We care
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  • Together we achieve